otra feria: episodio 6 – #FRESCAS

Isabel Croxatto Galería takes part in otra feria: episodio 6 – #FRESCAS, new edition of online exclusive art fair devoted to artworks created during 2020, presenting a selection of pieces by Cocó Caballero.

9 – 14 September | otraferia.com

‘For years, my work has revolved around fear.
Fears are fought with therapies, doing pleasant things that make us happy and calm. During this quarantine, I have devoted myself with even more desire to paint all the situations that can bring us peace and tranquility.
Many things have changed, many things have been lost; however, the new scenario we are living in invites us to have time for ourselves.
In these times, it’s essential to remember what made us happy and what we had forgotten; those feelings and memories will be our refuge’.
—Cocó Caballero